Welcome to our Partying in Amsterdam- tool!


This tool is developed to inform you and help you prepare to make sure you’ll have an unforgettable party!

Think for yourself, care about others ♥ Unity

Partying in Amsterdam-Tool (English)
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool (German)
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool (French)
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool (Spanish)


Who is it for?

Are you:

✔ Living outside the Netherlands?

✔ Planning to party in Amsterdam?

✔ Planning to drink alcohol or use other drugs while partying in Amsterdam?

Then this tool is for you.

What will happen to your answers?

The tool does not ask for identifiable information, which means that you will always remain anonymous.

The data will be stored in an Open Access data repository. This means that the data will be available for free at all times for anyone to use. Keep in mind, no one will be able to link any of these data to you.

These anonymous data will be available for research and guidance development to help promote a safer nightlife in Amsterdam.


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