Unity invites: The Agony and the Ecstasy of MDMA with Guy Jones

Unity organiseert tijdens ADE weer een Unity college in de Brakke Grond. Dit college is Engelstalig:

Free entrance!

MDMA has never been so plentiful and more and more people are using it. In many countries high purity MDMA crystal now competes with high dose MDMA pills. In most cases people taking the drug just have a good time, but sadly not always. Just under 1% of ecstasy users worldwide sought emergency treatment following the use of pills and powders sold as MDMA in the previous 12 months (Global Drug Survey 2016). While drug checking has a role to play, just knowing what’s in your pill or powder does not make it safe. What moderates the risk of harm more than anything else is the way it’s used.

In this Unity college’s Guy Jones (The Loop / Kosmicaid UK) will address the acute risks of MDMA use. How dangerous is MDMA use really? And what can you do to prevent those risks. In his talk he will address the acute risks of MDMA use and offer practical harm reduction tips.

Expert Harm Reduction panel

For the panel session Unity has invited experts from the harm reduction, drug checking and drug policy field, as well as a medical director and an event organiser to discuss and answer all your questions related to the risks of taking illegal substances and ways to reduce harm.

Other than keeping a close eye on your mates and getting help if you are worried, there are things you can do that would make a huge difference to most people. It isn’t rocket science – harm reduction rarely is!


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