Easter Weekend is on the horizon!

Looking at our party agenda we should probably ignore the fact that Easter is generally a fluffy, friendly holiday which is mostly celebrated during breakfast, and start preparing for a full three-day-weekend of partying! 🙂

Check out these tips to keep you safe and make sure this Easter is all about music, friends and fun!

Drinking alcohol or using drugs is always risky but please be extra aware of the current situation in the Netherlands:

vOnce again extremely dangerous cocaine is being sold to tourists in Amsterdam. New victims were hospitalized with life-threatening conditions after using cocaine bought on the street. So ignore streetdealers.

Last november three tourists have died after using white heroin.
More info on www.drugsalert.nl #drugsalert

# At the moment very high dosed ecstasy pills are on the market. Please check out our animation on XTC to inform yourself of the possible risks and how to reduce them.

Keep an eye on your friends and fellow partygoers. If you feel that your health or that of other people is at risk then don’t hesitate and go to the first aid.

Think for yourself, care about others