Complaints after drugusage

Do you ever experience negative symptoms after drug use? After the use of party drugs such as ecstasy, cannabis, speed and cocaine, complaints sometimes arise that last longer or are more intense than a hangover. Medical explanation and treatment could then be necessary. For this, Brijder has set up the nationwide medical consultancy for party drugs. If you have complaints, you can call them at 088 – 358 29 40.
Check this site for a detailed description of Visual Snow Syndrome, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, derealization and depersonalization.

What kind of complaints can be caused by party drugs?

Examples of complaints for which you can go to the Medical Consultation Hour Party Drugs:

  • vision problems referred to as ‘HPPD’: hallucinogen persisting perception disorder; such as visual snow (eye noise), floaters and afterimages
  • depersonalization and derealization: feeling strange about the environment or your own body
  • anxiety and panic
  • concentration problems
  • depression
  • extreme fatigue
  • feeling of electric shocks in your head
  • tingling sensations in your body
  • dizziness or the feeling of moving (as if you are on a ship)

How does it work?

If you have complaints after a night of partying that just won’t go away and that you are concerned about, you can call the nationwide medical consultancy for party drugs: 088 – 358 29 40. A telephone consultation is free. They help you figuring out what the cause for your complaints could be. They also give you tips to reduce complaints. If necessary, a telephone consultation will follow with one of the doctors.

Treating and identifying complaints after drug use is specialist work that general practitioners rarely come into contact with. That is why they can also call this consultancy to ask their questions.

Combining drugs

Gerard Alderliefste, doctor of the consultancy, receives calls from all over the Netherlands. From people with complaints and from general practitioners who ask for advice. “In practice, it appears that people who combine drugs run a higher risk than people who use one type of drug. It turns out that it is mainly the psychedelics, cannabis and especially ecstasy, that can cause long-term complaints.

People who combine drugs:

  • more frequent complaints have a greater chance of developing complaints
  • more often have complaints that last longer

We therefore strongly advise against combined use. While we know that party goers often combine. When people use uppers, such as ecstasy, coke and speed, they try to compensate with a downer, such as a joint or a beer. The same thing happens the other way around: if you notice that a beer makes you weak, you take a pill or a line. Many users think very mechanically; “We take a little plus, a little minus and then we’re back in balance.” Of course it doesn’t work that way. Medically speaking, it’s just not healthy. Users who use multiple drugs are more likely to have complaints than people who use one type of drug. I have never had anyone in my office who only uses ecstasy with water. Those people are there, but they don’t come here.”

Source: Medical consultancy party drugs Brijder

Also visit the Drugsinfoteam website for more information about medical complaints after using party drugs.

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