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Welcome to Unity! We provide information about safe(r) nightlife, alcohol & other drugs and the risks associated with using these substances.

Our volunteers aren’t there to judge druguse, but to respond to needs and questions about druguse and harm reduction.

Think for yourself, care about others

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Ketamine and bladder problems
Nieuws - 29 May 2020

Ketamine and bladder problems

Ketamine has become more popular as a recreational drug in recent years. We also see this reflected in the figures in our annual report. With moderate use, you can experience […]
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Nieuws - 26 April 2020

Unity Colouring page

The first Unity colouring page is ready for your crayons: Download the 1st colouring page here! Download the 2nd colouring page here And keep an eye on the website, because […]
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Unfortunately we’re not allowed to party right now, the nightlife and festivals are on hold and we’re stuck at home. But our mission to give honest and openminded advice continues online! We regularly write new articles, we’re creating a podcast and are active on Instagram, where we also host live Q&A sessions every now and then.

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    Celebrate safe

    The country which is known for its windmills, tulips, canals, wooden shoes, but also for being liberal, having a tolerant drug policy and major dance events. Read the information on Dutch drug policy and our tips carefully and you’ll have an unforgettable party, and one you can actually remember and talk about with your friends afterwards!

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