Care & support

If you are experiencing problems due to your use of drugs – be it in a sexual setting or not – you can apply for treatment at Jellinek. Our therapists are trained in LGBTQIA+ sensitivity as well as drug use in a sexual context, so you can speak freely without fear of being judged. Jellinek is based in Amsterdam, Hilversum, Utrecht and Amersfoort. If you live in a different region of the Netherlands you might want to contact an addiction treatment facility closer to you.

Below are some links to more general sexual health resources and chemsex specific resources:

Sexual health

Chemsex-specific support

  • (more info about Tina en sex)
  • Chemsexspreekuur GGD (one on one contact with a volunteer peereducator)
  • Mainline (meetings for people who want to stop/reduce their use of chemsex)
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous (self-help meetings for former Tina/chemsex users)