11 May 2022

Tool to educate tourists

Our online information tool ‘Partying in Amsterdam’ was recently launched! The tool ‘Partying in Amsterdam’ Due to a lack of information in English and unfamiliarity with reliable sources, it was […]

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6 October 2021

Unity explainer cocaine

We made an explainer about cocaine! Cocaine, coke or sos is one of the most popular drugs among clubbers. But how exactly does the drug work in your body, and […]

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25 March 2021

Facts and myths about 3-MMC

This is only available in Dutch.

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26 April 2020

Unity Colouring page

The first Unity colouring page is ready for your crayons: Download the 1st colouring page here! Download the 2nd colouring page here And keep an eye on the website, because […]

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15 October 2019

Unity’s Guide to Celebrate Safe @ ADE 2019

Yes, it’s almost time for Amsterdam Dance Event! We are committed to provide good information and relevant harm reduction messages to all ADE visitors, in close cooperation with Celebrate Safe, […]

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28 June 2019

Heatwave during a festival: here are 7 tips to Celebrate Safe!

Wow, the weather in the Netherlands is fantastic at the moment, and the forecasts are even better! It’s really important to be well prepared for a party during a heat […]

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cocaine onderzoek mri
8 March 2019

Gebruik jij wel eens coke? Doe dan mee aan MRI onderzoek

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NDM 2018, nationale drug monitor
20 February 2019

Nationale Drug Monitor 2018

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1 November 2018

Thrillseeking: de sociale gevolgen van het verband tussen cocaïnegebruik en persoonlijkheid

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16 October 2018

Are you ready to Celebrate Safe?!

The Amsterdam Dance Event is about to start and this year it’s bigger and better than ever. Just as you have to prepare for a marathon, we encourage you to […]

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9 October 2018

Drug checking service: extra opening hours during ADE

Extra opening hours drug checking service Amsterdam during ADE During ADE you can get your drugs tested at 3 locations in Amsterdam: Come to the drug checking service on time […]

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3 October 2018

Unity at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

Amsterdam Dance Event is right around the corner. October 17-21 this amazing event takes place in Amsterdam. Check our special ADE-page for the latest updates on ADE. This year we will […]

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3 August 2018

Pink Unity op AIDS 2018

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testservice drugs xtc cocaïne speed testen
15 May 2018

Cijfers Nederlandse testservices 2017

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8 March 2018

Rioolwateranalyses van drugs in Europa

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7 February 2018

Billen en bier, carnaval vier je maar op één manier…

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6 February 2018

Week van het Oorsuizen

Het is de Week van het Oorsuizen, een week waarin er speciale aandacht wordt gegeven ‘tinnitus’ oftewel oorsuizen. Een zeer belangrijk thema voor ons gezien we natuurlijk altijd op feesten […]

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21 October 2017

Unity presents Guy Jones ADE 2017: The agony and the ecstasy of MDMA

MDMA has never been so plentiful and more and more people are using it. How dangerous is MDMA use really? And what can you do to prevent those risks. In […]

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12 October 2017

Unity and Celebrate Safe @ ADE 2017

(Nederlands) Unity is committed to provide good information and relevant harm reduction messages to all ADE visitors, in close cooperation with Celebrate Safe, Amsterdam Dance Event and all their partners and locations. We all […]

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12 October 2017

Unity invites: The Agony and the Ecstasy of MDMA with Guy Jones

Free entrance! MDMA has never been so plentiful and more and more people are using it. In many countries high purity MDMA crystal now competes with high dose MDMA pills. […]

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