If you come well prepared you will enjoy yourself more. What can you do to properly prepare before going to a party or using drugs? How can you limit the risks and keep it fun for as long as possible?


Do you want to have your drugs tested before consuming them? Make sure to visit one of the drug testing facilities well in advance. It can take up to one week for the results to arrive. You will find anonymous drug testing facilities all throughout the county. By having your drugs tested you will learn exactly what substances your drug contains. You will also learn about the purity and dosage. This will help you to predetermine how much to take on your night out.

Drug, set and setting

The drug you take is not the sole determining factor for the effects you experience. How you are feeling and where and with who you consume the drugs will also greatly impact the experience. Learn more about drug, set and setting.


Partying can be just as intense as playing sports. When you go to a party or festival, your eating habbits deserve extra attention. Good nutrition ensures that you feel fit so that you can handle all that partying better and recover faster after a weekend of partying. But what is healthy food? And what is the best food to eat? Learn more about nutrition.