What is 6-APB?

6-APB (also known as Benzo Fury) is a compound with mind altering and stimulating effects. It is usually sold as a powder and people generally consume it after putting it in a capsule or folding it into a piece of rolling paper. 6-APB generates an empathogenic effect that mimics the effects of MDMA.

6-APB is a so called new psychoactive substance (NPS) or research chemical (RC). Generally very little research is conducted on new psychoactive substances. Therefore, very little is known about how addictive these compounds are and what both the short and long term risks of using/abusing this drug may be. Also very little is known about what could be considered the optimum dose.

When trying a new drug, one should always be extra careful, especially when taking research chemicals. You are literally your own lab rat. Also in this case, the best form of harm reduction is abstinence.

Effects of 6-APB

6-APB is an empathogenic and  stimulating compound. Its effects are often compared to MDMA, but a bit more trippy. Users often report mild to moderately strong visual perceptual changes. As with all other psychedelics, the sensory perception is enhanced and your limbs can feel lighter or heavier. Some users consider 6-APB the “sit & chill” version of MDMA, as the stimulating effects of 6-APB are less overwhelming than with MDMA. It could be that 6-APB has stronger and more side effects than MDMA and MDA would induce, however this is not confirmed by scientific research.

Effects induced by a compound induces are determined by properties of the drug, but also by the set and setting in which the drug is taken. Some general effects induced by 6-APB will be discussed here.

Positive effects (negative) Side effects
[euforic love feeling increased blood pressure and heart rate
[altered sensory perception reduced appetite
changed thinking patterns difficulty urinating
sped up thoughts increased body temperature
disinhibition sweating
entactogenic grinding your teeth
getting the giggles tense jaws/gurning
more intense experience of music difficulty reading
desire for contact and intimacy energetic feeling
enhanced libido dry mouth
more intense experience of physical contact sedation
increased muscle tension

Dose & route of administration of 6-APB

Generally, people swallow 6-APB (orally). People put the powder in a capsule or fold it in a piece of rolling paper. A small number of people snort it. Snorting 6-APB is considered rather painful by most.

Reported doses for oral consumption
Light: 50 – 75 mg
Common: 75 – 125 mg
High: 125 mg+
When snorted: 50-75 mg

It is strongly discouraged to consume more than 200mg of 6-APB per occasion.

Duration of 6-APB

It takes quite a long time for the effects of 6-APB to come up. After about 45-90 minutes you will likely start to feel its first effects. After that it will take some time to reach its peak. Effects will last about 8-14 hours. Thus the duration of a trip is a lot longer than with MDMA and it takes longer for the trip to reach its peak.

Risks of 6-APB

6-APB is a new psychoactive substance (NPS) and therefore very little is known about the risks of using it. Several deathly incidents involving 6-APB have been reported. It is expected that the risks are comparable to those of MDMA and other stimulants.

6-APB increases the heart rate and blood pressure. It is not advised that people struggling with cardiovascular diseases use stimulant drugs.

When trying a new drug, always be extra careful. Especially when taking research chemicals. You are literally your own lab rat. If you don’t want to run any risks, don’t use drugs.

Short term risks

  • overheating
  • water poisoning
  • serotonine syndrome
  • increased chance on heart arrhythmias, heart attacks and strokes
  • epileptic seizure
  • acute confusion / excited delerium syndrome
  • depression (hangover)

Long term risks

  • braindamage
  • memory problems
  • increased chance on heart arrhythmias, heart attacks and strokes
  • Exhaustion / trouble sleeping
  • weakened immune system
  • weakened physical condition
  • weight loss
  • mental problemsn
  • bad teeth and gums

Some side effects of 6-APB can last longer than usual. It is possible that medical treatment is necesarry. The Brijder addiction care facility has a special consultancy for these type of complaints: national medical consultancy partydrugs. If you have complaints you can call them at 088- 358 29 40 (Netherlands only).

Unity tips for 6-APB

There is no 100% safe use of 6-APB, but you can reduce the risks by following these tips:

  • Test your 6-APB at a testservice.
  • Use in a trusted setting with people you trust.
  • Do not use 6-APB if you don’t feel well, both mentally and physically.
  • Only use 6-APB to have a good time, not to fight symptoms such as tiredness.
  • Do not take the drug if you have (had) psychological problems. Also don’t take it if mental disorders are common in your family (such as depression).
  • Eat healthy before and after 6-APB consumption. Especially anti-oxidants and vitamins (such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, oranges, kiwis, broccoli). This is probably the most important tip of this list! Even though eating may be difficult when under the influence of 6-APB, you should really try to. Eating well definitely lessens the hangover! If eating solid food really is impossible, consider smoothies, fruit juices or liquid meals.
  • Before and after your trip, vitamins and anti-oxidant supplements can be taken.
  • Don’t take 6-APB if you are suffering from one of the following condition: diabetes, weak heart, high blood pressure, pregnancy, epilepsies or psychological conditions. Also do not combine 6-APB with medication (especially not with MAOIs or asthma medication).
  • Don’t drink more than 2 glasses of water or soft drink per hour to lower the risk of water intoxication.
  • Make sure not to overheat when under the influence, don’t wear warm clothes or hats, take breaks between dancing and drink some water every now and then.
  • Don’t combine 6-APB with alcohol or other drugs.
  • Do not participate in traffic after taking a drug!
  • 6-APB causes feelings of intimacy. 6-APB lowers your inhibitions and will make you worry less. You may forget about safe sex. Make sure you carry condoms with you. Before taking 6-APB, set limits about sex with the person you take the drug with and respect them!

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Combining 6-APB with other drugs

Combining different types of drugs is extra risky and unpredictable. If you combine drugs you have a higher risk of health problems. For more info, check our page about drug combinations. Because 6-APB has hardly been researched, but does have similar properties as MDMA, you can read the page about combining XTC with other drugs.


6-APB influences the serotonin system. Combining 6-APB with other serotonergic drugs can induce the life threatening serotonin syndrome. Examples of serotonergic drugs are MDMA (and analogs), antidepressants, opiates (Tramadol, codeine, morphine), serotonin precursors(L-tryptophan and 5-HTP), asthma medications and psychedelics.

6-APB can induce cardiovascular issues. This risk increases dramatically when it’s combined with other stimulants. Combining drugs can also lead to (extremely) aggressive behavior and generally makes the comedowns worse. And the combination of drugs can change a fun experience too intense or get out of hand.

What is tripping?

Tripping is the feeling you experience when you take a psychedelic drug. When tripping, your state of mind is altered and reality will be perceived differently. This is called ‘a trip’ or ‘tripping’ because it refers to the mental trip you will experience. A psychedelic can have a strong impact on your mood. It generally increases the feeling you experience before your trip, both mentally and physically. This can result in an intense feeling of euphoria, but also (strong) feelings of anxiety and confusion can arise.

Sensory perception

Psychedelics make you more sensitive to sensory impulses. The areas in the brain which are involved in sensory perception work differently. Colors, sounds and shaped are processed more intensely. Physical objects can start to move or ‘breathe’. For example, walls may start to move in waves and patterns may start moving. Colors can also change or melt away. Certain facial expressions may be intensified, almost as if you’re looking at a cartoon.

Sometimes things are perceived differently than normal; you may think a rope turns into a snake, or the face of your significant other suddenly looks very wrinkled or almost like glowing angel. It can really go anywhere. After consumption of high doses, senses may suddenly start working differently. You might start seeing sounds or feeling colors.

Mental effects

Psychedelics influence your perception of time and space, sometimes it feels like time has frozen. When tripping, you might start to see unusual connections between things. This can lead to some very interesting new perceptions on reality or almost psychotic ideas. Sometimes at higher doses your sense of self may start to dissolve. This phenomenon is called ego-dissolution or ego-death. It’s almost like you no longer know where your body starts, it may feel like you are everything and everything is you. It may feel like everything in the universe is connected. This can feel amazing for some people, however it can be frightening if you’re not prepared or ready for this yet.

6-APB and the law

In the Netherlands possession of 6-APB is not illegal. In some countries however it is illegal, such as the UK and Sweden. So always check the legal status in your country.

History of 6-APB

6-APB (6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran) was first synthesized in 1993 by David Nichols and his team. Users often call the drug ‘Benzo Fury’. David and his team were looking for a compound that would give the same effects as MDMA, without being as neurotoxic. It has never been confirmed whether 6-APB is actually less neurotoxic than MDMA. 6-APB was derived from MDA. MDA is one of the metabolites of MDMA in the human body. 6-APB is often reported to give more hallucinogenic effects than MDA or MDMA. 6-APB made its appearance on the market at the same time as 5-APB, 5-MAPB and 6-MAPB. They all have a somewhat similar mechanism of action, but there are minor differences. Since a couple of years, visitors at the Unity-stand at festivals report 6-APB use.