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Sudden, brief, and jarring involuntary muscle contractions in your body.

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A k-hole is a very strong ketamine experience. During this, you are often unable to move or talk. Contact with the outside world is no longer possible. It is difficult […]

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Brain damage

Damage to the brain.

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Erection problems

Problems getting an erection.

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Blue nails or lips

When binging certain drugs, lips or nails can sometimes turn blue temporarily.

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Fast back and forth moving eyes. This often makes it difficult for you to read.

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Difficulty sleeping

After using stimulants or psychedelics it can be difficult to sleep. For more information on sleeping check here.

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Jaw clenching

Increased muscle tension can cause the jaws to clench together. As a result, the teeth are firmly pressed together and it is possible to bite your tongue and/or cheeks.

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Tingling sensation in the body or parts of the body.

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Some drugs have a diuretic effect. The kidneys then excrete more water than is normally the case. This ends up in the bladder and leaves the body by urinating. If […]

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Decreased long-term memory

Drug use can affect long-term memory in a negative way.

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Black-out & grey-out

If you drink a lot of alcohol in one sitting, you may experience a blackout. This is a temporary memory disorder in which there is a disruption in information transfer […]

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Impaired sensory perception

Drug use can negatively affect sensory perception.

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Impaired coordination

Drug use can negatively affect the coordination of your body parts.

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Impaired reaction time

Drug use can negatively affect reaction time.

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Vasodilation (blood vessel dilation)

Some drugs cause your blood vessels to dilate (widen).

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Amplified emotions

You may feel happier, but you may also feel sadder or angrier. It may at times be a positive effect and at other times a negative effect.

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You can get confused. Logical thinking is then difficult. It is also possible that you do not remember what you just did.

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Some drugs can make you more aggressive.

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(For females) postponing menstruation period

Postponing of menstruation period.

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