Decreased muscle tension

Decreased general tone (= relaxation) of muscles.

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Bradycardia (decrease in heart rate)

This substance can slow your heart rate

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Slowed breathing

This substance can slow down your breathing through effects in the brain.

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Decrease in libido

Reduced sexual lust

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Depressive feelings

Depressive feelings, feelings of emptiness.

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Dulling of emotions

Dulling of your emotions, apathy.

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Decreased ability to concentrate

Decreased ability to concentrate.

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Decreased energy level

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This substance leads to an increase in impulsive behaviour and can make you less aware of the possible consequences that certain actions have. This can be nice because, for example, […]

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Difficulty urinating

Your body releases a lot of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) causing you to retain more fluids. There is also more tension in the muscles in your urinary tract, which makes relaxing […]

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The gastrointestinal system and the kidneys work faster, so you have to go to the toilet more often.

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Accelerated breathing

The airways open further, making breathing easier and faster.

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Increase in panicky thoughts and feelings of stress.

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