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Some drugs can cause a constipation of the intestines.

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Some drugs can cause itching, which causes a desire to scratch one’s skin.

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Constricting of the pupils

Some drugs constrict the pupils.

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Changes in personality

Chronic use of this drug may cause permanent changes in personality or the development of new personality traits. Think of distrust, aggression, paranoia, or arrogance.

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In hallucinations you perceive things that are not there. It really is an observation that seems to be real. For example, you may hear sounds (auditory hallucinations) or see something […]

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You are easily irritated or agitated.

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Cold hands and feet

The constriction of the arteries means less blood flows to your extremities. This causes cold hands and feet in some people.

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Impaired short-term memory

Short-term memory does not work properly after taking some drugs. This makes you remember things less well. For example, it often happens that during a conversation you forget what you […]

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Increased heart rate

This drug can increase the rate at which your heart beats.

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Lowered blood pressure

Some drugs can lower the blood pressure in your body.

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Irritation of the airways

Smoking can cause coughing or a burning or tickling sensation in the throat.

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Red eyes

Dilation of the blood vessels in the eyes causes red eyes.

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Some drugs make you sluggish.

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Blue limbs

The discoloration is due to the narrowing of the blood vessels.

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Feeling a (strong) need to take more when the effect wears off.

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Double vision

Not being able to focus your eyes properly.

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Increased appetite

Increased appetite, and possible weight gain. Sometimes called “munchies”.

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Decreased body temperature

Some drugs cause a decrease in body temperature.

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Increased sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to light, sound and touch, which can be very annoying at times.

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Trembling of your limbs.

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