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Increased sweating

In response to the increased stimulation and changes in body temperature, the skin will start to secrete sweat to cool the body temperature back to normal levels.

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An uneasy and tense feeling in the abdomen, which may cause discomfort. Nausea often precedes vomiting.

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Fast back and forth moving eyes. This often makes it difficult for you to read.

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Difficulty sleeping

After using stimulants or psychedelics it can be difficult to sleep. For more information on sleeping check here.

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Jaw clenching

Increased muscle tension can cause the jaws to clench together. As a result, the teeth are firmly pressed together and it is possible to bite your tongue and/or cheeks.

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Increased muscle tension

Tense muscles and jaws (biting your tongue or cheek)

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Dilated pupils

Due to an increased noradrenaline level in the body after taking certain drugs, the pupils become larger. The pupil size is influenced by many different processes. Increase in noradrenaline plays […]

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Dry mouth

Stimulation of sympathetic pathways decrease saliva production, this causes the mouth to feel dry.

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Increased body temperature

Stimulants cause increased activity in muscles, and increase the “base temperature” of the body. This causes the body temperature to increase.

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Increase in blood pressure and heart rate

Due to increased cardiac stimulation, heart rate and blood pressure rise.

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Decreased appetite

Stimulation of the fight-or-flight response in the body can suppress appetite.

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Tingling sensation in the body or parts of the body.

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Not fully understanding the environment and situation. Temporarily impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person.

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Paranoia and delusions

Anxiety, paranoia and delusions (e.g. the idea that people are talking about you).

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Forgetfulness. Short term, failure to remember events shortly after ingestion.

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A k-hole is a very strong ketamine experience. During this, you are often unable to move or talk. Contact with the outside world is no longer possible. It is difficult […]

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Brain damage

Damage to the brain.

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Erection problems

Problems getting an erection.

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Blue nails or lips

When binging certain drugs, lips or nails can sometimes turn blue temporarily.

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(For people with uteruses) postponing menstruation period

Postponing of menstruation/period.

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