Celebrate Safe @ Kingsday 2017

Get ready to celebrate the orange holiday ‘Koningsdag’ with the Dutchies.

It is hysterical and spectacular and you don’t want to give up halfway because you are not feeling well, sick or lost.

Check out our 10 tips to Celebrate Safe:

  1. Enjoy every moment, please take care of each other and make sure this will be an event you will never forget!
  2. Be at your best by making sure you eat healthy the day before and start the day with a good breakfast. Make sure you have some healthy things at home, your Airbnb flat or hotel room.
  3. Check the weather forecast. King’s Day will be colder than Christmas so make sure you wear proper clothes. Drinking alcohol can increase the risk for hypothermia.
  4. Take it easy. Do not start boozing too hard during King’s Night or King’s Day in the morning. If you do, it will soon be over and out. That would be such a waste.
  5. And remember; alcohol can make you lose control, with the result that pretty embarrassing things can happen … so even innocent flirting could get out of hand. Do it safe and always stick to your own limits.
  6. Think of your ears! Make sure you’re not standing too close to the speakers, wear earplugs and let your ears rest some time. How do you think about earplugs? Fill in Party Panel’s questionnaire about ear protection.
  7. Is King’s Day one of those special occasions when you might also use other drugs? Inform yourself, check our information with the latest updates on the Dutch drug market and test it!
    Beware: opening hours might differ due to King’s Day. You can find the opening hours of the drug checking service in Amsterdam over here and check drugs-test.nl for other drug checkings services in the Netherlands.
  8. During King’s Day there’s limited public transport. Therefore, plan your journey in advance.
  9. It will be busy and chaotic and the chances are that you’re not able to use your phone so make appointments with your friends and plan a good meeting point, just in case.
  10. Are you, a friend or a fellow partygoer not feeling well? Ask personnel, security or police for the nearest first aid or call the emergency number 112! They are there to help you and you won’t get fined or prosecuted for drug use.

BONUS tip 1: In some city’s you will be offered laughing gas on the streets. Planning to buy a balloon? Make sure to take a seat before you inhale it. And think of our environment: please don’t leave the cream chargers on the street!

BONUS tip 2: Planning to Celebrate in Amsterdam? Be alert for street dealers! The stuff they sell contains anything from washing powder to very dangerous substances and they can be intimidating and violent.

Check out this video en find more info on this website (in different languages).