ADE 2023

The summer of 2023 is coming to an end. A few more nice weekends, but then… autumn is coming. And autumn means: Amsterdam Dance Event! In collaboration with Celebrate Safe, we have important information and tips for you so you can get the most out of ADE.

Love your body

You are the most important ingredient to make ADE fantastic. Love your body! Check out our tips to make it an unforgettable time.

Love your body

During ADE you can party limitless. Still, it is important not to exhaust your body and to treat yourself to a rest every now and then between partying. Otherwise your battery will simply be empty at some point. Take time to chill and recharge. A recharged body means more fun! Try to sleep at your normal rhythm as much as possible. Catching up on sleep at other times will mess up your rhythm and won’t make you feel better.

Know your limits and respect those of others

Not only your body is important, respect that of others too. Do you feel like someone is being harassed or needs help? Then ask if the person is okay. Or give employees or security a heads up. At some parties you can also ask the help of special awareness teams.

Respect each other’s boundaries. No one has to do something they don’t like. Don’t try to persuade others to do something they don’t want to do. Are you unsure whether the other person is still having fun? Ask or stop what you are doing. Stay true to yourself and listen to your feelings.

Think for yourself, care about others

Be kind to yourself and the people around you. Think about what appointments you make with friends, which party you go to, how you get there. How long will you stay, what will you do and what if someone wants to go home early? You can also consider whether you want to use alcohol or other drugs. Discuss this with your friends and ask what they are planning. If everyone pays attention to each other, everyone has a good time. Do you notice that someone is not feeling well? Stay alert and call security or first aid for help. They are there to help you, even if you have used drugs. Using drugs is not a crime in the Netherlands.

Celebrate Safe

Last but not least, enjoy but ‘Celebrate Safe’:

  • Get enough sleep and at regular times.
  • Do you still have earplugs and do they still fit well? Otherwise, buy a new set with a music filter to protect your ears. More information at
  • Make sure you have plenty of tasty and healthy things in the fridge. Then you don’t have to leave the house after the party.
  • Do you plan to use drugs? Then have them tested in time. Visit for a location near you. Come at least 1 week in advance, but preferably a little earlier because of the crowds. You can also go during the week of ADE. But there is no time left to send it to the lab if necessary. Still we might be able to help you, so do come!
  • Did you know that condoms have an expiration date?
  • How do you get home? By taxi, shuttle bus or is someone the designated sober driver? Check your friends’ plans and agree what you will do if someone wants to leave early.
  • Cancel the gym classes, partying is hard work!
  • Remember: less is more, make sure you schedule some rest into your busy schedule.
  • Take the time to read up on the risks of alcohol and other drugs so that you are not faced with any surprises. For example, at parties and clubs it is prohibited to have hard drugs with you. House rules about cannabis may differ.
  • Do a ‘check in’ in advance with yourself or as a group of friends. Are you feeling comfortable and good? A party can enhance that feeling. Unfortunately, the same applies the other way around. Adjust your plans if necessary and look out for each other.


Last year we developed a nice tool for tourists. Are you coming from abroad to party in Amsterdam? Fill it out and you will receive tailor-made information about a fun and safe time!

Partying in Amsterdam-Tool 🇬🇧
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool 🇩🇪
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool 🇫🇷
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool 🇪🇸
Partying in Amsterdam-Tool 🇮🇹


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Happy ADE!