Tool to educate tourists

Our online information tool ‘Partying in Amsterdam’ was recently launched!

The tool ‘Partying in Amsterdam’

Due to a lack of information in English and unfamiliarity with reliable sources, it was difficult for international visitors to find the right information. To contribute to the prevention of health risks among tourists who come to party, Unity has launched a new tool, especially aimed at ‘party tourists’. Visitors are asked to answer a number of questions. Based on the relevant information they only see the information for them and.
We DO NOT collect personal data from information about specific parties and/or venue names.


The tool is, in collaboration with Greater Good, a research activity. Visitors are asked if they will answer some additional questions. We investigate which factors influence whether or not to seek help in the event of unwellness and/or getting drugs tested.

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UNITY: Partying in Amsterdam tool

CELEBRATE SAFE: Pace yourself & Celebrate Safe campaign

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Pilot phase: Other languages ​​and national tool will follow

We will continuously improve and improve the tool based on the collected information and feedback we receive in the meantime.
After this pilot phase, we will translate the tool and information into other languages. In the future we will make the tool suitable for ‘party tourists’ who come to party in NL and not specifically only in Amsterdam.

This first version was developed by Jellinek Prevention in collaboration with Greater Good and GGD Amsterdam.