Heatwave during a festival: here are 7 tips to Celebrate Safe!

Wow, the weather in the Netherlands is fantastic at the moment, and the forecasts are even better! It’s really important to be well prepared for a party during a heat wave. We’ve summed up the seven most important do’s and don’ts for you guys:

1. Use sunscreen

If the sun is shining, please use enough sunscreen with a factor that matches your skin type. Repeat every couple of hours. Didn’t bring sunscreen? At most festivals you can get sunscreen at the First Aid.

2. Take a break from dancing!

Once in a while, take a break from dancing. Look for a quiet spot and eat something. This wil help to recover your salt and energy levels.

3. Wear cool outfits

Don’t wear clothes that are too tight; it’s important that your body can ventilate in heat. A cap is a good protector from the sun, but not always the best choice because your head needs to release the warmth. A good alternative is to wet your cap to cool off your head.

4. Drink water.. but beware!

We use a lot of body moist in these temperatures, especially when we’re dancing. There is a risk of overheating. Because of that, it’s very important to drink enough water. In case you’re using MDMA or XTC, drinking too much water can be dangerous. Don’t drink more than one to two glasses of water every hour and keep an eye on the color of your pee. If the color is very light, drink less. Watch this video for more information about water poisoning.

5. Know your boundaries

Alcohol and drugs influence the temperature regulation and moisture balance in your body. Don’t push your boundaries, especially in this type of weather. Using stimulants like MDMA/XTC during a heatwave is extra risky because you cannot rely on the signals from your body. If you want to do it anyway, wait until the worst heat of the day is over.

6. The First Aid is your friend

Please go to the first aid if you’re not feeling well, the social workers there are your best friends.

7. Party during the day

Are you staying at the campsite? Heat and sleep is not a good combination. So go partying during the day and go to bed on time. Practice proper sleep hygiene: bring earplugs, wear a sleepmask (you can get one at the Unitystand), and put your tent in the shade.


But above all: HAVE FUN! Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your party!

Think for yourself, care about others <3