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Feelings of interconnectedness

Under the influence of this subtance, you may feel a strong sense of connection with the world and people around you.

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Mood swings

Using this drug may cause mood swings in users. These mood changes may be either positive or negative, and often alternate between extremes.

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Desire to move

You can get a strong desire to dance and move around and dance. This might mean it can be difficult to sit still.

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More intense experience of touch

Physical/physical contact with other people feels different or more intense than usual. Giving a hug to someone else can be very pleasant. It can also happen that you prefer not […]

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Changes in thought patterns

You more quickly form logical and illogical associations, but your thoughts may also become more chaotic and confused. For the user, this could be either a positive or negative experience.

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Sexually stimulating

Certain drugs can cause you to experience an enhanced sexual arousal. You feel more attracted to your partner or to others. For example, kissing can be extra pleasant and this […]

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(Nederlands) Verandering in tijdsperceptie

The passage of time could feel altered during drug use. Some parts of the evening fly by, while some parts feel a lot slower. When you are feeling comfortable, it […]

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Vasodilation (blood vessel dilation)

Some drugs cause your blood vessels to dilate (widen).

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Easier talking and social contact

Inhibitions that you might normally experience in social contact may be less present. For example, while drinking alcohol at a party, it may be easier to approach someone or connect […]

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Cheerful, happy, euphoric feelings

You feel energetic and comfortable in your own skin. This is often accompanied by cheerfulness and happiness.

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Energetic feeling

You have feelings of being energized. Sitting still is sometimes more difficult and this energetic feeling is often expressed through the urge to dance or move.

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Need for contact, conversation and intimacy

Having a good conversation with someone, or cuddling, can be very pleasant and interesting.

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Strong sense of connectedness to others or your environment. You can connect more easily with others and notice less inhibitions than you might normally experience in social contact. For example, […]

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Increased empathy

You feel more connected to others. It is easier to connect to others and to empathize with the feelings that someone else experiences.

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Euphoria, feelings of love

This substance can make you feel euphoric, like you are in love. You feel comfortable in your own skin and can experience things as pleasant more quickly.

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A k-hole is a very strong ketamine experience. During this, you are often unable to move or talk. Contact with the outside world is no longer possible. It is difficult […]

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Dissociative effects

Dissociation describes the separation of body and mind. This can present with the following effects: The feeling that your hands no longer belong to your body Your sense of touch […]

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Insightful experiences

Some experiences from substances may give you new insights. Because your brain activity is altered, different thoughts may arise and you might gain new perspectives.

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Reduction of cough stimulus

You are less bothered by the feeling that you have to cough.

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More intense dreaming

You may start dreaming more actively and/or more intensely than usual. The dreams can then be a lot more vivid, more intense or weirder. This can be an interesting and […]

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