Carrying any amount of Ecstasy pills is ILLEGAL in Amsterdam

‘Massive Electronic Music Event Allows Attendees To Carry 5 Ecstasy Pills’ (Live for Music)

‘Carrying 5 or Less Ecstasy Pills Will Be Legal at ADE’ (Thump news)

(Update 18 – october Thump news, changed their headline and published an article in which they spoke to Jan Paternotte, a member of Amsterdam’s city council, to explain what all the fuss is about )

These are just a few of the headlines we came across today.

Please be aware that bringing any drugs into a club, bar or festival is prohibited. You will be searched by security at the entrance.

So…carrying any amount of Ecstasy pills is ILLEGAL, if they search you and you are carrying ecstasy, this is a criminal offence. Your pills will be confiscated and you will not be allowed to enter the venue or could be removed from the venue if you’re already in.

BUT, in Amsterdam you will not be prosecuted if you are carrying 5 or less pills. This is not something related to ADE, or the recent warning for the pills with ADE logo.

Regarding cannabis, most venues other than coffee shops do not allow cannabis to be consumed on their premises. Always check the venue’s door policy.

Oh and one more thing…Jellinek did not establish pop-up stations throughout the city.  But they have opened one temporarily service in the city centre:

Address & extra opening hours during ADE:
Keizersgracht 572 (near Leidseplein)

  • Wednesday 17.00 h-20.30 h
  • Thursday 17.00 h-20.30 h
  • Friday 17.00 h-20.30 h
  • Saturday 14.00 h-17.30 h

Check for more info

More info on how to stay safe and out of trouble during ADE check our special ADE page.

And ENJOY!!!