DMT and other drugs

DMT is an intense psychedelic. It is often intense enough on its own. Combining doesn’t make it a better or more intense experience. However, it does increase the chance of a difficult experience. So it’s best to take it sober.

The combination with alcohol can increase the risk of nausea and not being able to control the experience properly. This is therefore not recommended. It may seem like a good idea to use DMT after you’ve had a few drinks, but rather schedule it on another day.

Under the influence of MDMA, DMT can hit you more intensely. This does not have to be positive. Our advice is to enjoy the MDMA experience and take the DMT another time.

If you have already taken another psychedelic and you want to take DMT, it is difficult to predict which way it will go. The DMT experience may come more as a surprise to you than it does when you are sober. Or that it is more difficult to control. Our advice is not to use it at the same time.