Bad trip

It can happen that you become overwhelmed by the intensity of the experience. Such an experience can be frightening, especially for inexperienced users, and is called a ‘bad trip’. A bad trip can manifest, for example, in confusion due to a too high dosage, but can also occur because someone loses control of their thoughts.

In these situaions, it’s important to reassure the person and make them feel at ease. Make it clear that the situation they find themselves in is a result of the drug’s effects and that it will get better shortly.

Give the person as much rest as possible, preferably in a familiar environment. Accepting the situation is often the first step someone needs to take to ride out the trip in calmer waters. Using psychedelics when you’re not feeling entirely well or when you’re in an unfamiliar or busy environment increases the chance of unpleasant experiences during the trip and is therefore not recommended.