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Overdose heroin

The narcotic effect of heroin can cause breathing to stop completely. Overdose users appear pale and limp, breathe shallow or not at all, sometimes foam at the mouth and may […]

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Weight loss

There is a short-term risk of weight gain from alcohol, but drinking more and more often increases the chances of becoming emaciated or malnourished. This is because alcohol in large […]

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Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining, leading to a vitamin B1 deficiency. Drinking alcohol excessively for years, in combination with poor diet nd a vitaminB1 deficiency, can lead to […]

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Alcoholics can develop inflammation of the pancreas. Alcohol stimulates the pancreas to make more digestive liquids. Abnormal activation of inactive enzyme precursors within the pancreas leads to acute inflammation.

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Alcohol increases the risk of cancer. There is an increased risk of colon cancer upward of three glasses of alcohol a day. The risk of breast cancer in women is […]

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Stomach and liver diseases

Stomach lining Excessive alcohol consumption can inflame the stomach lining. You may experience bloating, belching, stomach pain and heartburn. Liver diseases Alcohol is broken down by the liver. Because alcohol […]

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Cardiovascular disease

Upward of three glasses of alcohol a day has a negative impact on the heart; the risk of high blood pressure and consequently a heart attack increases. Alcohol can also […]

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Bad breath

Alcohol is transported through your blood and passes through various organs, including your lungs. Part of the alcohol is excreted via the alveoli. This is how police can measure the […]

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Sleep quality

Alcohol relaxes and you usually fall asleep quickly. When you drink a lot, your sleep becomes disrupted and you wake up earlier. You don’t get enough deep sleep causing you […]

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Unsafe sex

Drugs can blur your boundaries and allows you to do things that you would never dare to do in a sober state. Unprotected sex can be the result. Alcohol and […]

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Weight gain

Whether alcohol makes you gain weight depends on your lifestyle; what you eat, drink and how much you exercise. Alcoholic drinks are high in carbohydrates (7 calories per gram alcohol). […]

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Alcohol poisoning

If you drink copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting, you can get alcohol poisoning. The alcohol concentration in blood and in the brain becomes so high that you can […]

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Alcohol hangover

When you drink a lot of alcohol you can get a hangover; unpleasant and debilitating effects felt after alcohol consumption that can make you feel ill. When you have a […]

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Choking on vomit

When someone loses consciousness (e.g. passing out or a k-hole), there is a chance that they will choke on their own vomit. In such an event, make sure to put […]

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Kidney & bladder problems

The kidneys, along with the liver, are the great ‘cleaners’ of your body. The kidneys work hard to get rid of (harmful) substances, like drugs, and in some cases, this […]

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Irritation of the skin and mucous membranes

If this drug comes into contact with the skin or mucous membranes, (severe) irritation can occur.

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Visual disturbances

An increase in pressure in the eyeball can cause visual disturbances.

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Using poppers may damage the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. The altered hemoglobin (methemoglobin) is unable to transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.

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Social isolation

Chronic and habitual use may cause users to spend less time maintaining friendships, relationships, and family bonds. Over time, they may start to reject any forms of social interaction, isolating […]

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Physical dependence in babies

A newborn baby of someone with heroin addiction is physically dependent on opioids and will develop withdrawal symptoms. After birth, the baby cries a lot, is easily startled, and has […]

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