What does alcohol do to your teeth?

Damage to your teeth

If you drink alcohol, your bodily coordination is affected negatively, which might cause you to fall. Or maybe you just have a shorter fuse. This makes fighting someone because he was standing on your feet, suddenly seems like a good idea. Falling and fighting can break your teeth or even your jaw.

Riding a bicycle with alcohol is also not a good idea. It can even lead to a fracture of your jaw after a fall. So keep in mind that after alcohol you are less stable on your legs and you can get hurt.


You may not feel well after or during the use of alcohol. This increases the chance of vomiting. Vomit is very acidic and damaging to your tooth enamel and can lead to tooth erosion (wear and tear). If you do have to vomit, don’t brush your teeth right away. First rinse your mouth with a glass of water to neutralize the acid and if necessary wait half an hour after rinsing before brushing.


Many sweet alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is bad for your teeth. Again, it is better to rinse thoroughly before brushing your teeth.