Alcohol and cocaine

You feel the effects of alcohol less after using cocaine. That is why you can continue to drink more and longer. On the other hand, the alcohol can help to soften the effects of the cocaine. You are more relaxed and less tense. This interaction is often experienced as pleasant. But keep in mind that if you drink (and snort) faster and more, the hangover is also considerably bigger. Consider whether the combination actually gives you the effects that you want.

You can associate alcohol with coke use after a while. When you drink alcohol you feel the urge to snort more quickly and when you are snorting you want to continue drinking. When both substances are in your body, the substance cocaethylene is also produced. This is an extra burden and is harmful to your heart and blood vessels. In addition, cocaine also gives you the feeling that you are not or less drunk than you really are. This can be very dangerous, for example in traffic. Therefore, think carefully in advance how much you want to use, so the risks are limited.