Cannabis and stimulants like speed, 4-FA, ecstasy, MDMA

Some users find it a pleasant combination. Cannabis can soften the ecstasy rush, especially at the end of the experience. However, it can also make the experience a bit more […]

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Cannabis and psychedelics

If you smoke weed during a trip, it can make for a more intense trip. Keep that in mind. There are users who have later experienced that they relived certain […]

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Alcohol and speed or other stimulants

Using speed makes you feel awake and cheerful. As a result, you may feel the sedating effects of the alcohol less and you may tend to drink more alcohol. Be […]

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Alcohol and benzodiazepines (anxiety or sleeping medication)

Both alcohol and benzodiazepines have a depressant effect in the body. They inhibit activity in your brain. The combination could put you in a coma, stop breathing or make you […]

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Alcohol and nitrous oxide

Combination with alcohol or other downers can increase the anesthetic effect of nitrous oxide and the risks. The chance that you’ll get nausea and dizziness increases.

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Alcohol and GHB

The combination of GHB with alcohol increases the risk of overdose, passing out and respiratory depression. We therefore advise against the combination of GHB and alcohol. Especially if you drink […]

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Alcohol and cocaine

You feel the effects of alcohol less after using cocaine. That is why you can continue to drink more and longer. On the other hand, the alcohol can help to […]

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Alcohol and cannabis

How you will feel depends on, among other things, the order and the amounts you take. And whether you smoke and/or drink more often. If you drink first and then […]

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Alcohol and caffeine

You feel the effects of alcohol less after using caffeine. For example, think about energy drinks. Because of the caffeine you can  drink more and longer. On the other hand, […]

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