Be Smart. Be Safe. Ignore Streetdealers

The City of Amsterdam launched a campaign targeting young foreign visitors.

The campaign is a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Marketing, Jellinek Prevention and the Amsterdam Police Department.

The aim is to warn them for street dealers. The fake drugs they sell could contain anything from washing powder or crushed birth control pills to an extremely dangerous substance.

These street dealers operate in the city center at so called ‘Tourist hotspots’. They target young visitors in order to separate them from their friends to try to make the deal. Street dealers are intimidating and can be violent.

Amsterdam is a fun, free-spirited city. But, like any other city, it’s important to be street smart. Ignore street dealers: watch and share the video!

For more info and the video with subtitles in French, German, Italian or Spanish check:

Be Smart. Be Safe. Ignore streetdealers.

Check out our info in English for international visitors about the Dutch drug policy, potency and drug checking possibilities.