Hallucinogens (trippers)

Hallucinogens make the world look different for a while. Its use affects mood and perception. You can gain certain insights in yourself or your environment and in some cases this is a religious or spiritual experience. Physical effects include a slightly faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. Mind-altering drugs include Ecstasy and cannabis. Hallucinogenic agents include: LSD, paddo’s, ketamine, 2C-B and other psychedelic substances.

This classification by effect is not a very strict classification. Some drugs have multiple effects. Ecstasy, for example, is both stimulating and mind-altering. Cannabis has a narcotic effect (the ‘stoned’ effect) but provides mild physical stimulation and can be mind-altering in high doses. Alcohol is a depressant, but at a low dose it can make you feel more energized.