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How do you dose powder or capsules?

To be able to weigh a certain dose properly, you need a good scale. Have a scale that can weigh milligrams, to 3 decimal places (0.001 mg). A scale that […]

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What if I have medical complaints after the use of partydrugs?

Some complaints after using drugs can last longer, A medical explanation or even treatment may then be necessary. The Brijder has set up a national consultancy for party drugs related […]

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Does amphetamine hit you faster when you snort it compared to swallowing?

Speed/amphetamine is used in different ways. The most common ways are snorting and swallowing. Drugs that are snorted enter the bloodstream faster through the nasal mucosa and therefore work faster […]

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Is Ritalin (methylphenidate) the same as speed?

No it is not the same. The active ingredient in Ritalin is methylphenidate. This is a substance similar to amphetamine, but not the same. Although the effect of methylphenidate is […]

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Is it possible to overdose on speed (amphetamine)?

You can overdose on speed. Whether a dose is harmful depends, among other things, on how often someone uses it. It is therefore difficult to give clear advice about a […]

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What about the law and speed (amphetamine)?

Amphetamine is considered a hard drug in the Opium Act. It is on list 1. This means that possession, production and trade are punishable by law. The police will generally […]

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Are there different types of speed (amphetamine)?

Yes, there are three forms of amphetamine: left rotation, right rotation, and racemic (50-50 left- and right rotation). Amphetamine can be dextro-rotatory and levo-rotatory. Left-handed amphetamine is also called levo- […]

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Can the use of speed (amphetamine) damage your brain?

In animal experiments, amphetamine has been shown to cause brain damage. However, this has not been demonstrated in humans. Several studies show that people who use amphetamines have impaired functions […]

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What is the difference between wet and dry speed (amphetamine)?

Wet speed is speed dissolved in a solvent, for example methanol. To get from wet speed to dry speed you have to let it dry for a while. The solvent […]

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Is it true that speed use can damage your teeth?

If you use speed often, your teeth can suffer. You clamp your teeth together or grind your teeth, which can cause extra pressure and therefore wear. You can also bite […]

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I am planning to use speed (amphetamine) in combination with another drug. What are the consequences?

Combining different drugs is extra risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. Check the theme combination use for more information. Cannabis and speed […]

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Someone close to me uses this substance almost every weekend. Should I worry?

When someone close to you uses a substance often it is normal to worry. There are risks: to physical health; that he/she will gradually use more and more and become […]

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I am planning to combine 4-FA with speed and/or ecstasy (MDMA). What are the consequences?

4-FA is a stimulant that can cause complaints on your cardiovascular system. This risk is increased by combining it with other stimulants such as speed or MDMA. The effects reinforce […]

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I am planning to use cannabis and speed (amphetamine). What are the consequences?

Sometimes people use cannabis after or while using speed to calm down or fall asleep more easily. Cannabis can soften the amphetamine effects, especially at the end of the amphetamine […]

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