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What if I have medical complaints after the use of partydrugs?

Some complaints after using drugs can last longer, A medical explanation or even treatment may then be necessary. The Brijder has set up a national consultancy for party drugs related […]

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How are opiates made?

Opiates Opiates are produced from the poppy plant. These plants grow in Central Asia and Southeast Asia (eg Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma and Thailand), but also in South America. Opium […]

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How long are opiats detectable in the body?

How long a drug is detectable in your blood or urine depends on a number of factors. How often and how much you use and your personal metabolism (the speed […]

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I am planning to combine opiates with other drugs. What are the consequences?

Combining different drugs can be risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. For more information, check the theme Drugs and combination […]

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How about the law and opiates?

In 1919 the Dutch Opium Act was passed. This determined that heroin was a hard drug from then on: possession, production, import, export and trade are punishable by law. Morphine, […]

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How did the use of morphine start and how does it relate to heroin?

In 1803, a German pharmacist discovered how to make morphine from opium. Morphine, like opium, was used as a remedy for chronic pain and insomnia, but it was also taken […]

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How did opium come to Europe?

In Europe, opium was not introduced as a medicinal drink until 1525. The drink was called ‘laudanum’ and was made from alcohol and opium. It was used by both adults […]

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How did the use of opiates begin?

The history of opiates goes back a long way, about 4000 to 6000 years. Even then, people wrote about the poppy plant. Egyptians and many other peoples of the early […]

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How addictive is heroin actually?

Heroin is highly addictive. Few people manage to control the use of the drug. The body quickly gets used to heroin. You then need more and more to still feel […]

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