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What if I have medical complaints after the use of partydrugs?

Some complaints after using drugs can last longer, A medical explanation or even treatment may then be necessary. The Brijder has set up a national consultancy for party drugs related […]

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Is a benzodiazepine the solution for a bad trip?

The short answer is no. Find a quiet place for the one who is having a difficult experience. Talk to them about what’s going on. Don’t try to deny that […]

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What to do if someone has a bad trip?

Always make sure that you are and remain safe yourself. If you are in danger, you cannot help the person in need. Find a quiet place with the one who […]

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Is it true that LSD stays in your spinal cord?

No, that is incorrect! There are people who think that LSD stays in your spinal cord or fat. If you have taken a drug, your liver breaks down the drug […]

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Chocolate increases the trip, is that right?

That’s right! Dark chocolate can enhance a trip. However, a bar of dark chocolate is no guarantee for a harder trip. To have a real effect, you have to eat […]

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I’m going to do LSD/psychedelics for the first time. What should I pay attention to?

Read carefully about all the effects, risks, dosages and tips & tricks! Drug The effects of psychedelics are different for everyone and can be more intense than you expect. Think […]

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What should you do if you feel nauseous from LSD?

You may feel nauseous from psychedelics. So try not to eat 2 hours before. If you do get nauseous, drinking ginger tea could help. Furthermore, it is better to accept […]

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How did the use of LSD start?

LSD is made from the ergot fungus. This is an extremely poisonous fungus, which was used by midwives at the end of the Middle Ages to induce the birth of […]

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What about the law and LSD?

Since the 1960s, LSD has been on List I of the Opium Act (substances with an unacceptable risk to public health, according to the government). Producing, trading, importing, exporting and […]

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How long is LSD detectable in your body?

How long a drug is detectable in your blood or urine depends on a number of factors. For example, how often and how much you use and your personal metabolism […]

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I am planning to combine LSD with other drugs. What are the consequences?

Combining different drugs can be risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. Here we describe the effects and risks of a […]

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