What can I do to minimize risks in case I still want to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs?

  • Reduce your regular dosis. Preferably take a bit less that normal. At a festival or party, there is always first aid available. This is something that is not easily reachable in your own home. The coronavirus can also influence the mood and can have a negative impact on your experience. Be aware of this before you take drugs.
  • When using with others, use your own material and do not share bags, ponypacks or other equipment.
  • Do not use money as a snorting tube. This prevents spreading the virus. Use a post-it or separate papers.
  • Alcohol and other drugs influence your ability to assess others and situations. When engaging in sexual behavior, be careful and use protection.
  • Stay healthy and active after drug use. Go out and be active, try to maintain a normal sleeping pattern.
  • Read our ‘Drug ABC’, there you can find the risks for each drug.
  • If you have other questions regarding the drug or the virus, know where to find the necessary information online.