What are the risks of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs at this moment?

  • The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs has an impact on your immune system. This could make you more vulnerable for negative effects of the corona virus.
  • You could get infected through your dealer or people you use drugs with, and even through contact with glasses, cigarettes, joints, ponypacks and ziploc bags.
  • You yourself may be a young and healthy god or goddess, you can still transfer the virus to people with an immune system that doesn’t work properly. But pay attention, because even young and healthy people can get the virus and all the nasty consequences.
  • Some drugs also stimulate your need for physical contact with others. Chances are that you would like to hug someone or get near others. Were you thinking of partying with 15, meters apart? This can become a really difficult challenge. Most of these drugs also affect your ability to assess situations and keeping distance can become hard.
  • In our ‘Drug ABC’, you can find the risks for each drug.