I’m planning on going to an illegal party. What can I do to reduce the risks?

At an illegal party, usually there is no first aid, bars or food court available. Make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the party. Think in advance about how long you want to stay there and bring food and drinks for that amount of time. Maybe bring even a bit more to provide for others that have prepared for less of if you stay longer than expected (remember our slogan: ‘Think for yourself, care about others!’ ;)). Get lost in the middle of nowhere, all tired after a long night with nothing left toe at/drink is not fun.

  • There still is a lot of uncertainty about mouthmasks. But by wearing one, you let others know you are aware of the corona-regulations. It is also a clear reminder of the rules. There are fun one’s available, so it can be an addition to your outfit!
  • It can be very cold, because shelter is often not provided. Dress appropriately!
  • If something does happen, always call 112 when you need aid. That’s more important than continuing the party!
  • Know where the party takes place so you can instruct the ambulances if it is necessary.
  • Did it not work out to maintain the corona-regulations? Please go into quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. Do not go to public places and let your groceries come to your home.