Im considering to reduce my druguse or maybe even quit drugs. I can use help or advise, where can I go to?

Always reach out to your GP if you want to quit or reduce your use severely. This can be danergous in some cases. Together you can find the best-suited help for your situation.


Do you want some advise though phone?


  • Jellinek Advieslijn: 088 505 1220 (werkdagen 9-17u)
  • Drugs Infolijn: 0900 1995 (werkdagen 9-17u)
  • Reach out to a addictioncentre in your area
  • Do you want to chatt? Check this page.


Do you want advise though email?


You can also invest in a self-help course, this can be done anonymous and free of charge. Look at the following options:


Do you want a consultation regarding your drug use and quitting?


Some regions in the Netherlands, it is possible to reach out to a preventionservice at addicion treatment centres. They can help you in finding the best care for you. Reach out to them through the website of the addiction treatment centres of get in touch. Do you want treatment? Most treatments are offered. But in these times they are often online. Unfortunately this can extend the waiting period before you can get treated. Inform as soon as you can when you think this might be necessary to get treatment when you need it.


I worry about someone’s durg us, what can I do best?

When you worry about someone that is close to you, you can do the program Samen Nuchter. Through this program you can learn to adress the concerns you have about the use of someone. This is free of charge and anonymous. There are also other programs at addiction treatment centres that offer options.