Does ecstasy contain speed (amphetamine)?

Usually this is not the case. Most ecstasy pills contain only MDMA or an MDMA-like substance. Amphetamine (speed) is rarely encountered by the testing services (<1%). This is one of the most persistent myths that we hear at Unity. Why is this often thought? Amphetamine and MDMA are both amphetamines and both have a stimulant effect. The more MDMA you take, the more the stimulant effects of the MDMA you will notice, and the less the euphoric effects will be noticeable. Do you have the idea that there is often speed in your pills? Then there is a good chance that you dose too high or use it too often. Try taking a little less next time. About 1 – 1.5 mg per kilogram of body weight. And are you curious about what is really in your pills? Then have them tested at one of the many test services in the Netherlands.