How does ecstasy affect your teeth?


You may recognize that after using ecstasy your jaws are all over the place. Not only annoying and sometimes painful, but the grinding and clenching is also very bad for your teeth. It can damage your tongue, lips and inside of your cheek and can cause pieces of fillings, teeth or molars to break off.

Often users take a chewing gum or lollipop as a reaction, but because they are often full of sugar, that is not a good idea. If you do chew gum, opt for sugar-free ones. Magnesium citrate is also sometimes mentioned to prevent grinding.

A grinding bit can possibly protect the teeth against grinding. But it is better not to use a grinding bit to counteract the grinding during ecstasy use, if you also drink all kinds of sweet drinks this evening. It is precisely those sweet things that remain in the bit and thus the risk of cavities or tooth erosion (wear) can increase.

Then what? An old-fashioned pacifier (90s rave style) can possibly reduce the feeling of clamping and grinding, but even after an evening sucking on a pacifier you can have muscle pain in your jaw the morning after ecstasy use.

Dry mouth

Saliva is very important for protecting your enamel, but ecstasy use can cause a dry mouth that can last up to 48 hours. As a result, the risk of cavities (caries) and dental erosion (wear and tear) increases due to a dry mouth in combination with drinking sweet and sour drinks. Medicines to promote saliva production do not really help. Dry mouth can cause mouth problems, especially with regular use.


You may not feel well after or during the use of ecstasy. This increases the chance of vomiting. Vomit is very acidic and damaging to your tooth enamel and can lead to tooth erosion (wear and tear). If you do have to vomit, don’t brush your teeth right away, but first rinse your mouth with a glass of water to neutralize the acid and if necessary wait half an hour after rinsing before brushing.