What do I do when somebody passes out on GHB?

If someone threatens to pass out, it is good to keep them awake to check how the person is doing. By administering painful stimuli, such as squeezing the nails hard, someone may stay with you (longer). Someone who initially still reacts to painful stimuli can always sink further into unconsciousness. Therefore keep an eye on someone all the time and check their breathing. If someone doesn’t respond (anymore) to painful stimuli and if you can’t wake someone up, ALWAYS go to security, first aid or call an ambulance. That person is then in a coma. And as a layman it is not possible to estimate the risks involved. Medical help really is necessary.

You can get help in the Netherlands without legal consequences for the user. The use of GHB is not prohibited (possession and trade are) in the Netherlands. Always be honest about what someone has used, this helps the medical personel to help the victim. Never leave someone who is unconscious alone. If someone has passed out, they can choke on their tongue or vomit. So put him or her on its side (stable side position). Keep an eye on the body temperature. Especially if the environment is cold, make sure to bring a blanket or jacket. GHB is a narcotic and you can quickly become hypothermic.