What is tripping?

When you trip, you enter a different state of consciousness. This is called “a trip” or “tripping” because it refers to the mental journey you are going on. While tripping, you experience sensory perceptions and thoughts differently. In addition, a psychedelic can have a strong effect on your mood. It is magnified. This can manifest itself in intense euphoria, for example, but fear and confusion can also occur.

Sensory perception

You become extra sensitive to sensory impressions. The centers in your brain that are involved in processing sensory stimuli (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting) work differently. Colours, sounds and shapes are experienced more intensely. Objects can deform (for example, you see table legs slightly bulged or walls seem to breathe) and sometimes seem to vibrate with energy. You may be able to perceive very sharp relief and see swirling, moving patterns in a wooden floor or lawn. Moving objects may have an ‘after-image’ for a few seconds. Colors can flow into each other. When seeing faces, facial features become more pronounced (as in cartoons).

Sometimes things don’t seem what they are; For example, you mistake a rope for a snake, your loved one’s face suddenly looks very wrinkled, or just like a luminous angel. It can go either way. At a high dose, the senses can have a different function or become mixed up; sounds can be seen, smells felt and visible objects can be heard as strange noises.

Mental Effects

The sense of space and time changes – time sometimes seems to stand still. During a trip, unusual connections are made in the thinking process. This can lead to surprising insights, but also to almost psychotic ideas. At a strong dose it can happen that the boundaries of your own person begin to blur, this is called ego dissolution or ego-death. You no longer know where you stop and the other person or the environment begins. You have the feeling that everything is connected. This can be a fantastic experience, but also very frightening if you don’t know what’s happening to you.