What is the difference between GHB and GBL?

By reacting GBL (also used as a sticker remover) with caustic soda (also used as a drain unblocker), GHB is created. If the GHB has been made properly, all caustic soda and GBL have reacted with each other and the substances can no longer be found separately in the GHB.

If not enough caustic soda has been thrown at the GBL, there is still GBL present next to the GHB. That makes the liquid stronger than if it were all GHB. This makes it more difficult to dose.

If too much caustic soda is used relative to the amount of GBL, it can cause irritation in the mouth and esophagus. The liquid can then be too alkaline, making it irritating. And if it’s really too alkaline, it can cause burns.

So always have your GHB tested to prevent these extra risks.

GBL is roughly 2x as strong as GHB. So even more difficult to dose. The effects are very similar to GHB.