What is the excited delirium syndrome and what does it have to do with cocaine?

The excited delirium syndrome is characterized by extremely aggressive behavior due to the use of stimulants. Often this will be cocaine. As a result, a person feels extremely strong, does not experience fatigue despite the excessive effort and is insensitive to pain. The person is very aggressive without being directed at anything or anyone. You can’t make contact. So you can’t calm someone down by talking to him/her. The person cannot restrain himself and can literally fight himself to death because the heart and lungs cannot handle the effort. This is not only very dangerous for the person himself (due to major health risks), but also for his/her environment due to damage to people or property.

By consciously dealing with your use, the risk of an excited delirium syndrome can be effectively limited. Decide before you start using how much cocaine you want to use and doing so responsibly can help.