What happens when you are k-holing?

A k-hole is a very strong ketamine experience. K-holing is often compared to a near-death experience: out-of-body experience and going through a tunnel towards a light. You can’t move and you can’t talk.
We think it’s because multiple areas in the brain can no longer communicate with each other due to the blockage of NMDA receptors. For example, because the area that controls your muscles does not transmit information to those muscles, you can’t move and you can’t talk.
It can be a very interesting or educational experience, but also very scary. Therefore, make sure you can lie down if you plan to take a lot of ketamine. It is good to know that ketamine is a powerful drug. You need much less of it compared to other substances that are snorted. So pay attention to how much you take and think carefully about this in advance!