Why is ketamine used medically?

Ketamine is one of the few downers that hardly affects breathing. This makes it very suitable for use as an anesthetic. Ketamine for medical applications is called ‘esketamine’ and is only available medically. Ketamine has an inhibitory effect on the nervous system. Pain stimuli are not (properly) passed on. As a patient you no longer feel pain. The doctor can then anesthetize you or perform short-term operations without too many risks. It is mainly used in the anesthesia of the elderly and children because breathing is extra important to monitor during the operation.
If you want to start using ketamine, it is important to realize that it affects your orientation and the functioning/movement of your body. Dancing or partying is often no longer there and you can easily trip or fall on the dance floor. So using ketamine at a party may not give you the effects you’re looking for. Knowing more? Check: unity.nl/nl/drug/ketamine for more information!