Where are new psychoactive substances designed?

New psychoactive substances are substances that are produced in drug labs to mimic or improve the effects of already existing substances. Often they are not really new and have been invented decades ago by scientists such as Alexander Shulgin or David Nichols. But they are then re-synthesized for recreational purposes. It is also possible that chemists invent new molecules and then have them made by a lab. These labs are often located in Asia, especially in China.

They are often labeled as ‘research chemicals’ so that online web stores can more easily circumvent laws and sell the substances. These ‘new’ psychoactive substances are often substances for which little or no research has been done in humans and there is no experience with them in the hospital. As a result, there are more risks to using it and you are literally a guinea pig yourself. So get your drugs tested to make sure this relatively unknown substance is what you think you bought. This prevents unexpected effects and risks!