Rectal/anal or vaginal

In rectal administration, drugs are taken through the anus. This practice is not often practiced by recreational users.

When taken rectally, the drug is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the rectum (end of the large intestine) into the bloodstream. Because the blood from the rectum does not first flow to the liver (like the blood from the small intestine), but directly to the heart, there is no first pass effect with this method of administration. As a result, the dose for rectal administration is lower than that for oral administration. In addition, you will feel effects already after 15-20 minutes. People who experience a lot of irritation of the stomach lining or nausea when administered orally should consider rectal administration.

Drugs can also enter the body through the vagina. This route of administration is not used often. Here gain you have to take into account that the dosage is lower than with swallowing and that it works faster. The drugs are absorbed through the blood vessels in the vagina and then travel through the heart to the brain.