Can GHB have different effects on people?

How someone feels depends on the drug, set and setting. Assuming that the drug and the setting are the same, the set (who you are and how you feel) is left.

Then it is especially important how someone’s body is functioning. The same dose can have different effects on different people of the same weight. It is mainly about how strong the effects are. So some people are more sensitive than others. If you are going to do it for the first time, it is therefore important to carefully determine how sensitive you are. So decide yourself what the dosage will be from the first time you take it. Don’t let someone else decide for you, but think about it yourself. You may not have much of an effect the first time, but that’s better than too much.

The setting (where you are) is also important. At home with a partner, it can enhance sexual feelings. If you are at a big party with a lot of people, those sexual feelings will not play a role, or much less. And you have more of an alcohol-like intoxication.