Is a benzodiazepine the solution for a bad trip?

The short answer is no.

Find a quiet place for the one who is having a difficult experience. Talk to them about what’s going on. Don’t try to deny that he/she is having a bad trip. You can look for a different environment. If you are outside, it can be nice to go inside. Or vice versa. Try to do things that make them feel comfortable, such as exercise or play a game. Try to reassure him/her: a bad trip will always pass. When someone has calmed down, the experience can eventually become positive again.
It is ALWAYS preferable to try this first. A benzo is therefore not ‘the’ solution for a bad trip but can be a last resort, when someone remains in his negative “loop” despite everything. Judging the right time to give the benzo can be very difficult for other trippers as well as for the trip sitter. In addition, benzos in combination with other sedatives such as GHB and alcohol can be dangerous. Therefore, it is preferable to leave this decision to professional emergency services and call professionals in when the person with the bad trip can no longer be calmed or is a danger to themselves or others. Always trip with a tripsitter who can make these kinds of decisions sober.