Is smoking weed bad for your lungs?

When you smoke cannabis through a joint or (water) pipe, you are taking a risk with your lungs. Cannabis smoke contains three times more tar and five times more carbon monoxide than tobacco smoke. The smoke that arises from the burning of cannabis is therefore more harmful than the smoke of tobacco. To illustrate: smoking a joint is roughly equivalent to smoking four cigarettes. Just like with cigarettes, second-hand smoke is also harmful; in that case you do not smoke yourself, but you are in a room where there is a lot of smoking. By comparison, it is sometimes said that being together for 40 hours with someone who smokes continuously is comparable to smoking 5 cigarettes.

Heavy cannabis use increases the risk of chronic bronchitis (inflammation of the lungs) and coughing. The combination of cannabis and tobacco (in a joint) puts your lungs to the test at least twice as hard. In addition, some studies suggest an increased risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus and lungs with heavy cannabis use.