I want to combine 4-FA with other drugs. Is that a good idea?

Combining drugs can be risky. The effects are often unpredictable. You are more at risk of health problems. Little is known about the combination of 4-FA with other drugs.

4-FA with uppers

Increases the risk of worsening side effects. 4-FA does something weird to your blood pressure. We don’t know exactly what yet. But if you combine it with other uppers, there is a greater chance that your blood pressure will become very high or that the risks of 4-FA increase, for example extreme headaches.
The combination with MDMA increases the risk of brain damage and overheating.

4-FA with downers

Due to the stimulating effect of 4-FA, you may notice the effects of downers less. There is a chance that you will take more downers to feel those effects. Or that you are going to take more 4-FA because you notice less of the 4-FA.