What are the risks of combining benzodiazepines with other drugs?

Combining different drugs or drugs and medications can be risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. Here we describe the effects and risks of a number of combinations that are common or that are risky. Also check combination use. The Jellinek website contains a drug matrix, where you can read what the risks are per drug and per type of drug.

Benzos and narcotics (downers, e.g. alcohol, ketamine, GHB)

Never use benzodiazepines in combination with alcohol, ketamine, GHB or other downers. The combination could put you in a coma, stop breathing or choke on your own vomit. This combination can also lead to unpredictable and reckless behavior with all the associated risks.

Benzos and other medicines

Do not combine benzodiazepines with drugs that lower consciousness: such as antipsychotics, other benzodiazepines or sleeping pills or antihistamines. The combination of these agents can cause an extra lowering of your consciousness.