I’m going to do LSD/psychedelics for the first time. What should I pay attention to?

Read carefully about all the effects, risks, dosages and tips & tricks!


The effects of psychedelics are different for everyone and can be more intense than you expect. Think about your dosage in advance, it’s better to dose on the low side the first time. You can always take more another time. Also have your drugs tested before taking it. Do not combine it with other drugs.


Make sure you are feeling good. And make sure you have enough ready-made food for the whole day. This is useful when you get hungry or are low on energy. Make sure you don’t have to do anything on the day itself. And preferably also take the day off to let everything that you have experienced sink in.


It is certainly wise to have a sober person with you to guide you (a tripsitter), preferably someone who has experience with psychedelics. Take it in an environment that feels relaxed with people you feel comfortable with.

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